Property Domain Name

You've got a great new listing, beautiful photographs and an extraordinary virtual tour. Now let's make it the talk of the neighborhood. Combined with your virtual tour, your flyers and direct mail pieces have more muscle than ever; with the power to generate more web traffic, capture more leads, and establish a harvest of future clients.

Whether it's a buyer online or pulling a flyer from your for sale sign, or a neighbor looking at your "Just Listed" postcard, people want to see pictures; lots and lots of pictures. So give them what they want. For now on, the emphasis of all of your print advertising should be...

"Full Screen Video Tour & Dozens of Photos at"

Ten Reasons why every listing should have its own domain name.

  1. Your Just Listed and Just Sold announcements are a kind of direct mail that people actually care about. Your announcement is something that affects them personally.
  2. Most Just Listed and Just Sold announcements get a quick glance and go straight in the trash. Because, what else are they going to do with it?
  3. Maximize this valuable touch-point by extending the life of your marketing piece and giving them something to do next – view the virtual tour.
  4. Advertising a Property Address with its own domain name is still a novelty idea. It's eye catching and creates curiosity. It's also easy to remember because it's a street name they see every day.
  5. By adding a domain name, you're showing them that you are tech savvy.
  6. When they go to the site, they're going to see the beautiful photos you use to market your listings.
  7. They'll see the cutting edge virtual tours you produce for your clients.
  8. They'll see that you are marketing your listings better than the other guy and adding value to their neighborhood.
  9. If they are interested in selling, your odds of getting the listing just went way up.
  10. You are cultivating a harvest of future clients and referrals.

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