Photography title

If a photo is worth a thousand words, make sure they're saying nice things about you.

Photography pricing
Comprehensive Photography
Complimentary virtual tour included. See description below.
$135 Up to 1100 s.f.
$175 1101 to 2500 s.f.
$200 2501 to 3500 s.f.
$220 3501 to 4500 s.f.
$240 4501 to 6500 s.f.
$300 6500+ s.f.
$350 Twilight Flat Rate
Luxury Home Photography
Complimentary virtual tour included. See description below.
$190 4-6 photos
$265 10 photos
$300 15+ photos
$400 25+ photos
$500 40+ photos
$350 Twilight 4-6 Photos (typical)
When you need us to return for a few more.
$75 Daylight hours

All images and virtual tours are ready and delivered the next business day and photos are delivered in high resolution (print) and low resolution (web), via Internet download.

What’s the difference between Comprehensive and Luxury Home Photography?

The same equipment is used; the same techniques, and the same comprehensive approach is used for both photography options. The difference has to do with the amount of time the photographer will need for the extra-ordinary variables of a luxury home.

Comprehensive Photography

Rates for comprehensive photography are based on the size of a "traditional home" and the the number of photos typically coincide with the square footage. The concept of “Comprehensive Photography” is to show a home in context; to walk a prospective buyer from the front door, through the entire home. A wide angle lens is used, capturing all the interior and exterior spaces from just about every angle.

Square Footage Average Images
Up to 1000 s.f. 25
1000 - 2000 s.f. 25 - 30
2000 - 2500 s.f. 30 - 35
2500 - 4500 s.f. 35 - 40
4500 - 8000 s.f. 40 - 50

Luxury Home Photography

Rates for luxury homes are based on how many photos are desired and the extra time needed to account for the extraordinary. Luxury homes often involve large outdoor living spaces, covered patios, more amenities, and they are especially known for large volume rooms with big windows & views. Plus, luxury homes are often on big lots which take more time to simply walk around the property. These extraordinary things require more time.

The word “luxury” is relative of course. In our experience, homes around 4500+ s.f. should be considered for luxury photography.

Comprehensive Twilight Photography $350.

The objective of twilight photography is to capture the entire home during the last 90 minutes of sunlight. This includes 60 minutes before the sun sets, and 30 minutes after. During the allotted time, the average home produces 25-35 photos. There is a 15-20 minute "twilight" window, when the photographer will capture as many photos as possible - typically 4-5 twilight images. Important: Please see Twilight Photography - What to expect to learn more.

Want some photos during the morning or afternoon hours? Add a “Go Back out” for only $75. With this option, the photographer will show up earlier in the day, allowing the photographer to capture other spaces when the lighting is preferred.

New Aerial Pricing

Aerial Photography Amount
5 Photos $200
10 Photos $250
15 Photos $300
20 Photos $400
Aerial Photo/Video Amount
5 Photos, 3 Video Clips $300
10 Photos, 5 Video Clips $400
10+ Photos, Elaborate Video $600